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The Power of Chill

Zimafy your Destiny.

  • 2 hours
  • Free
  • Master Littleboy's Tree

Service Description

Were you chosen by the Space to have a wondrous ability? Perhaps the ancient scrolls have chosen you for a heroic fate? Join Master Littleboy as she teaches you to chill out your talents and harness the mellow in your prophecy. Even the heaviest destinies or wildest superpowers can be changed, by the Space, into a laid back cool fun thing to show off at parties. - Turn your power of telekinesis into a fun way to grab the remote - Use your Telepathy to check in with your buds - Master the Zima Brain Maneuver to avoid small talk with to your roommate or keep your cigarilio guy from just hanging out after he drops off the goods - Prophecy says you'll die in battle? Harness the power of passive aggression to let that battle continue simmering under the surface until you expire at a ripe old age

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