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Interpreting the Ancient Scrolls

Discover your Destiny

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Service Description

"I was there when I saw the bear eat his own head, thought it was candy Everything goes in the end Knock, knock, on the door, who's it for? There's nobody in here Look in the mirror my friend." To some, these ancient words might seem meaningless. But did you know it was this passage that foretold the Great Cater of G7255, in which the Galactic Princess Kassella canceled her wedding the night before, and Monarch Gorbon the Wealthy felt so guilty he tipped out all the cater waiters in precious jewels? Only the Zimas with the aptitude to decipher the scrolls knew to sign up for that shift, and hoo boy. A day off and a couple of gems? That's the good life, baby. The clues are there, if you only connect with the Space and let the meaning unfold itself to you. In this series of lectures, Zima Master Pell will analyze key passages from the hallowed ancient Zima Scrolls, and pass their knowledge to you. With practice, and the Space, any Zima can learn to decipher these magical words. Let Master Pell teach you.

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