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The Sound of the Space

Greetings, initiates to the order of the audiophile. It is I, Zima Master Kiarondo, and my mastery over the Space grants me considerable gifts when it comes to the perception and recreation of sound. No doubt your desire to improve the quality of your sound system reflects the inner pull towards the Fresh side of the Space. This is a noble instinct. Keeping it Fresh demands that one take time to chill and allow the body and mind to rejuvenate themselves through immersion in pleasing sounds: be it the down-home strumming of Jordan B’Korkan, the feel-good pop-rock of Pee-Nee Gorno or the stark, angular synth-jazz of Gelligia Prime. Music is the lingua franca of all that is good and true in the universe, and to appreciate it properly, it is essential that one prepare a suitable listening environment.

First, decide what sort of system best fits your needs. If you tend towards the classics, perhaps a high-fidelity monaudio system is your guiding star, pumping out clean melodies from any number of Fresh artists. A stereo arrangement or a more evolved 11.5 surround system might be right if you plan on sharing the nobility of music with others, perhaps with some orange beers and a cigarillio or two. Merely a suggestion! And of course, should you require audio quality indistinguishable from the live experience, I’ll recommend you visit an authorized dealer of in-ear audio systems - what could put one more in tune with the greatness of music than to experience it from the ear canal out, instead of the other way around? That said, if you’re on a budget, feel free to ignore all of my sage advice and get whatever unit will let you jam the way you truly must, friend.

Once you’ve acquired the necessary equipment, stand in the center of your listening room. Take note of the Space between your ears and the many locations you could place your speakers. Let your mouth open and issue forth with a powerful cry of, “HA!” As that sound reverberates around your chosen Space, take note of where it settles. This may require ten to twenty years of continued practice to truly notice, but trust me, when you’ve devoted enough time to it, you’ll know. Once those places are well and truly know to you, I needn’t tell you anything further: you know where your speakers belong. Simply place them, and begin listening.

My fondest hope is that this guide has delivered you into the heart of a listening Space to rival any in the galaxy, but if it hasn’t, feel free to send me a message via the Zima Prime website and I’ll do my best to respond as soon as I can. However, I’ll warn you now - I’m probably listening to some late period Beetlemen albums and well, it might be a while. Be well, noobs and papas all.

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