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6 Indispensable Writing Tips From Zima Master Pell

Greetings! My hearty congratulations to you, dear reader, one who has chosen to embark upon the noble journey of the written word. As the writer of several almost-complete tomes (for my Zima destiny is to finish ¾ of a novel), I humbly proffer this advice on writing.

1. Find A Proper Place to Write!

Setting is incredibly important for inspiration. You may write be snuggled into a quiet nook with a cup of hot brown by your side. You may write at stately desk in an airy room plenty of sunlight. My setting of choice is a bean bag chair near the Great Pipe, with a newly lit clove cigarette in hand. Worthy settings all!

2. Don’t Censor Yourself!

Believe me, dear reader, once the creative juices begin to flow, the inner critic is not far behind. I say, ignore this critic, banish them! Listen instead to your inner sage. They will tell you whether or not what you’ve written is really stupid and boring.

3. Count Your Words!

It’s so fun to count the words you’ve written. Knowing how many words you’ve written is critical to knowing how many you have to go until you are ¾ of the way done and must stop writing.

4. Stare At Your Fists of Flame!

Granted this might not apply to all aspiring writers, but if you do have the Space-given gift of fists of flame, by all means, use it! Staring at your fists of flame will empty your mind, often to the point that you forget where you are or what you’re doing. Exhilarating!



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