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Welcome to Zima Prime

The Power is in You and Also Everywhere Else

Missives and Meditations

Behold, a Zima Mailbag!

Greetings, fellow Freshies. It is I, Zima (Web)Master Ter'Nekk, bearing a most important audio file. We have received numerous...

Fresh Cuts

Greetings, practitioners of the Fresh. It is I, Zima Master Kiarondo, once more delivering my thoughts on the latest sounds that have...

The Sound of the Space

Greetings, initiates to the order of the audiophile. It is I, Zima Master Kiarondo, and my mastery over the Space grants me considerable...

Hack Fresh

Think about the hack circle. It's a circle, just like the hacky sack itself. You ever cut open a hacky sack? Guess what's inside - beads....

Well That Was Easy

How many days and nights and afternoons and late mornings did I, Master Ter'Nekk, toil trying to make a site worthy of...


Zima Prime changes coordinates every 48 hours to keep the forces of Wackness from hassling us. To visit us, schedule a spaceport appointment with Spurch, or use our handy form to submit a comment or ask us a question.


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